Day-Care (1 - 12 Months)

Everything that’s eye catchy and contributes to growth and development.

Playgroup (1.5 – 3 Years)

Feeding the curiosities and enhancing their physical and motor skills gradually.

Nursery (3 – 4 Years)

The very first step into the schooling world, sprinkled with nurturing and care.

LKG & UKG (4 - 5.5 Years)

Mouldings them in the right direction and channelizing their energies on the growth.
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Day-Care (1 - 12 Months)

Sanskar Daycare is a safe, secure and stimulating environment that positively engages and celebrates children and their families through a world class childcare support system.

A home away from home, theSanskar Daycare’s are managed by committed and experienced teachers with strong background in care-giving and early years learning, who personalize the experience to accommodate each child’s emotional, social and intellectual needs and temperament.

As we realize that these early years are not only joyful but also a period of rapid brain development where every day, every interaction and every engagement lays the foundation for all learning that is to follow.

1 - Well structured, age appropriate curriculum for the early years

2 - Numerous outdoor and indoor play zones, well-equipped library to promote love of reading

3 - Well-lit, ventilated, temperature-controlled rooms, maintained in alignment with stringent safety and hygiene standards

4 - Quality-controlled kitchen to serve nutritionally-balanced, dietician- planned, snacks and lunches

5 - CCTV cameras

sanskar Dream School

Playgroup (1.5 – 3 Years)

Why go to Playgroup?
Children under five are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. For optimum development, young children need a stimulating environment to play and learn. Playgroups offer babies, toddlers and young children a wide variety of early learning experiences.

Playgroup is a great way for your child(ren) to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Playgroup also gives mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers a chance to share ideas and experiences. Many long-term friendships begin at Playgroup.

1 - Provides an environment for social interaction.

2 - Provides a stimulated environment where children can acquire new skills and learn.

3 - Assists children to become ready for the formal learning environment.

4 - Provides a space for children to participate in and enjoy new activities.

5 - Provides an opportunity for children to play and learn.

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Nursery (3 – 4 Years)

The start of the school year is approaching and some parents will be considering whether or not to opt for a nursery school. This is an important decision and With this post we want to help you assess the pros and cons of nursery schools..

The first cycle of early childhood education is non-compulsory. However, it fulfills an educational function because it provides learning elements for their personal development. Some professionals believe that nursery schools meet the needs of parents but do not provide children with closeness and security.

1 - Each nursery school has its idiosyncrasies but all of them They must have an educational project and comply with specific regulations. Its educators have a higher degree, professional experience and a strong vocation. Its role goes far beyond changing diapers and cleaning snot.

2 - All moments of the day and the sequence of activities have an educational value. During everyday situations (food, rest, hygiene, etc.) activities of all kinds are carried out. Experimentation, discovery, manipulation, movement, communication, etc.

3 - The nursery school aims to offer a safe and trusting environment where children can develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and emotionally. Schools provide recreational and convivial spaces rich in stimuli for children to learn through play.

sanskar Dream School

Junior & Senior KG (4 - 5.5 Years)

The child in this level is nurtured within the framework of a designed curriculum. The focus remains on academic progress along with the honing of life skills and talents.

The nursery curriculum involves activities which focus on teaching children different concepts like Recitation, Art & Craft, Language through Phonetics, G.K. & Conversation, Counting Skills, Science Skills, Computer Skills, Role Play, Dance & Skating etc.

A wide array of interesting activities and study material that focuses on skills like writing, reading, tracing, numbers, pattern writing, cognitive skills like memory and observation, puzzle solving, social habits like personal hygiene, sharing, independent eating etc. The children participate in additional activities like Music, Concept Play, Yoga, Karate etc.

Every parent is concerned about their child's education and wants to provide the best education to them. Nowadays a child's education is beyond learning, how to write and read. Child's education means grooming a child, enhancing his knowledge, exposing him to different ideas and introducing him to the environment around him.
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