Message From President!

Message From President!

   Today, children in India are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of change in every sphere is rapid With the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is going flattered.

      Globalization demands a new dimension to our approach to education. We, thus have to recognize the need for globally relevant education. Such an education would mean imparting skills that would develop mental agility in individuals to confidently interact and work in diverse environments or situations. The school curriculum is oriented such that students embody self-confidence and ‘out of the box’ thought process. In all our endeavors, the focus is to strengthen competencies needed to be autonomous, lifelong learners. We make concerted efforts for the holistic development of the students who enter the school portals. A wide range of multi-dimensional activities is organized which goes a long way in propelling a self-belief, confidence in decision making, and problem-solving along with the chiseling of soft skills.

      In Sanskar Dream School children are encouraged to develop their own personalities, it is considered essential that they acquire moral values and thought for others. Such qualities such as honesty, self-control, courtesy (in action and speech), tolerance, and respect for others will always be encouraged in this school.

Sanskar is New Experiences
Sanskar Dream School

      We encourage the children to use language and numbers effectively and to acquire understanding, knowledge, and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast-changing world. They will be expected to develop the ability to question and discuss rationally and to acquire physical skills. We aim to ensure that the children will experience the benefits of living in a country with such a rich cultural heritage.

      Links with the community are positively encouraged. We aim to maintain our relationships with major local industries, Religious Community, the Police, the Health Visitor, and any members of the local community, who can share valuable qualities and experiences of benefit to the children.

      We have always been well supported by parents in the past in various educational and social events and will continue to do so. We also hope that child enjoys years spent at Sanskar Dream School.

-Dr. Gajanan Nalamwar
President, Scientific Child Education.

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  1. Ashok D. says:

    Great Sir, Your view towards education is Fantastic.
    I have seen your teaching methods & unique technique, it really works.
    Definitely one of the Best school in Aurangabad.
    Thank You So Much!

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