Mission & Vision

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Our aim is to provide true education which:

  • Provides knowledge and intellectual progress of children.
  • Develops and presentation of moral values.
  • Develops a personality with good character.
  • Improves our culture heritage and passing on to the next generation.
  • Provides guidance to the children about what their goals should be in life and how to achieve them and raising children to become ideal citizens.


We sees the values of INTEGRITY, JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND LOVE as essential elements in its educational thrust, therefore parents who intend to have their children educated here would need to be convinced of the importance of these values and be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to live by them.


 It is essential that each child feels secure and valued in the school environment and we aim to present the children with a range of learning experiences suited to their abilities and to provide opportunities for them to be actively involved in the learning process. Thus, we aim to provide education which will help children to gain satisfaction and self esteem.

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