About Us



We started Sanskar Dream School in 1995. We provide facilities like school bus, e-class and computer labs. Our Teaching method is based on 5 senses study through oral, practical, and written so that student can grow their knowledge. We are having a waiting list facility so the interested student can enroll whenever there is a vacant seat. We are organizing activities like various competitive exams, inter-school competitions, sports, dance, music, and fun learn program, annual function, special days, craft, drawing, clay modeling, and meditation.

Why are we so Special?

We know importance of study as well as Curricular activities. Stage Courage, Art’n Craft, Dance, Music & Drama are given equal importance. Daily Welcome Brain Activity, Practical, Success Checking, English Speaking, Meditation, etc.

Computer Lab

Fully Fledged & Equipped Computer Lab. We teach to even 3yr old child.

CCTV in Class & Premises

We ensure child saftey First. Biometric/RFID Attendence. Gates guareded by security gueards.


Big Screen Projector & SmartBoard E-Class. 200Hrs of Premium E-Learning Content.

Books & Game Library

We having full stacked Books & Games Library. Where we have Brain Boosters, Scientificaly Designed & Unique Games.


Parents Feedback!

"My daughter Sakshi is studying in Sanskar dream School from play group. I have seen her progress in stage courage, group discussion and general knowledge. I am very thankful to teachers for giving full attention on my child’s growth."
Mr. D.K. Akkar
Parent of Sakshi
"Sanskar Dream School is famous school in Shivajinagar. Teachers of this school are very nice and always solve the difficulties of student very nicely. They give timely feedback of study to parents. School organized nice events like Republic Day, Rakshabandhan, Holi, school trip. Teachers support student to take part in events."
Mr. Krishna Kshatriya
Parent of
"In Sanskar Dream School our child learn lot of good qualities like discipline, time management, hard working and huminity. Managemnet of this school is very nice and we are very impressed with the staff."
Mr.Vedant Patil
Parent of
"This school is very nice. My child loves it a lot and always says that he doesn’t want to change school at all. This shows the care which teachers take at Sanskar Dream School. Teachers pay attention on the growth of every student. Principal sir also gives full attention on the growth of every student."
Mr. Nikhil Ghotankar
Parent of
"Qualities of Sanskar Dream School are cleanliness , Discipline, good teaching staff. Growth of school is good. Reachers arrange Parents meeting on every weekend and gives report of students growth."
Mr. R.V. Dodake
Parent of